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We get results for ourselves against other SEO specialists, so we can definitely get results for you.

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Our Sunshine Coast SEO Service Drives More Customers To Your Website.

We Find The Customers With Buying Intentions

Your website will be visible to the right customers by targeting keywords and phrases with buying intent. Keyword research is a critical step in the overall SEO consulting process.

Rank Your Website In The Top 5 Search Results

The 1st page of the Google search results is not enough. You need to be in the top 5 search results to improve your chances of being able to convert the majority of those customers.

Generate More Revenue From Your Website

Search engine optimisation will put your website in front of the right customers when they’re ready to buy. All your website has to do is convert them into a lead or a customer.

Reviews Of Our SEO Service via Google My Business

Sunshine Coast Psychology Services

Code Connect built the website a while back with excellent results. We couldn’t have achieved the number of queries from prospective Clients without their help. We’ve been at the top of google search queries in our field for approximately four years. Code Connect have helped prospective Clients find us and they are now our long term Clients.

Network HQ Sunshine Coast

Brett from Code Connect is incredibly responsive and personable. He is so easy to work with and takes the time to explain everything in terms anyone can understand. He is trustworthy and I felt he truly wanted the best for our business website and did not oversell services for the sake of it. We are truly impressed with the end result. Overall a very professional service with quick service times.

CP Cowie Builders

They’re on point. The team at Code Connect deliver on time and ensure that they have a very detailed understanding of requirements. They grasped the concept of our business very quickly. Code Connect maintain an exceptional level of service, they are trustworthy and so well-versed in what they’re doing. This is why we have been using them for years!

Quality SEO Specialists at a Fair Price

We keep our overheads low so that you actually receive a return on your investment. Growing your Sunshine Coast business is our priority because long term that helps us as well.

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Hands On Expert SEO Service

Your business will be cared for in-house by our SEO Specialists. Your SEO Service won’t be handed off to some offshore SEO Company that doesn’t understand your business’ needs.

No SEO Agency Jargon

We want you to understand the value that increased website traffic is providing to your business. In practical terms that means we speak to you in plain language so that you can understand how our SEO Sunshine Coast service delivers more revenue to your business.

No Hard Sell & No Lock-In Contracts

We have enough clients because we produce actual results for our Sunshine Coast search engine optimisation clients. No pressure, just facts for your consideration and we won’t force you to stay with us.

We Can Help You Too.

We do not perform digital marketing for gambling or adult services.

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There’s only 2 things that Google respects. Content & links are the key to Sunshine Coast SEO.

Real content that shows your customer and the search engines exactly what they need. The content needs to be backed by quality, topically relevant back links that will boost your site’s authority.

It’s that simple. You either have both or you don’t rank.  The question is simply “how can you get both?”. That’s what we do.  There’s no secret sauce. There’s no crazy formula for the majority of our customers.

It sounds simple and theoretically it is but performing either of these tasks at a level that will make any difference in Google’s algorithms takes quite a lot of time and resources.

Our Sunshine Coast search engine optimisation customers get results.

On-Site Search Engine Optimisation

This includes all search engine optimisation techniques that are conducted on your website.

  • You must have relevant content. This cannot be stressed enough. Content is king.
  • Get the website URL’s in line with targeted search terms.
  • Page titles that are relevant to what your customers are searching for.
  • Navigation that targets your desired search terms.
  • Correct use of headings.
  • Making sure the ‘alt’ attribute of all images is filled out.
  • High Quality HTML code. The search engine needs to be able to read the website correctly and poor quality code can make it more difficult for your website to parsed by the search engine’s crawling robots.
  • No duplicate content. The search engines are looking for content that they can neatly categorise in order to serve up the most relevant web page.

Off-Site Search Engine Optimisation

This includes all SEO work that is conducted external to your website.

  • Topically Relevant & high authority backlinks to your website will increase it’s authority and the increase the latent semantic indexing.
  • Social media now provides another opportunity to engage your customers without significant outlay.
  • Consistent Local Directory Citations.
  • Get your business listed in Google My Business.
  • Get into the local Google Map Pack.

As Sunshine Coast SEO experts we take the time to understand your business. Here’s the extras on top that you’ll receive:

Website Audit

A detailed audit & analysis of your existing website relevant to your SEO target market. We have the knowledge and the technical skills to turn your website into an enquiry generating machine. We will get visitors to the site and then convert them to genuine enquiries with highly optimised on-site content.

Keyword Research

Making sure that your business’ target keywords, long tail keywords (phrases) and LSI keywords are going to produce the highest return on your investment. There is no point in ranking well for keywords that don’t generate any traffic or ranking well for keywords that generate Traffic but don’t have purchasing intent.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competition is actively doing will always provide insight. This does not mean that what your competitors are doing should always be replicated, simply that the information gathered here is beneficial for a successful SEO strategy.

Analytics for Conversions

The only way to measure the effect of your internet marketing and search engine optimisation is to have the statistics to guide the process. Using Google Analytics You’ll be able to see the actual search queries used, visitor numbers, click through ratios and conversions.

Organic Backlink Acquisition

We manually build backlinks to your website from authority websites that count in Google’s ranking algorithms. This means we don’t use automated tools to shoot out thousands of low quality backlinks to your website.

Search Engine Submission

Informing the search engines of your fantastic new content will get them indexing the site quicker and improve your search rankings.

Google My Business

Being found locally is what most Sunshine Coast businesses need. Google My Business listings and the Google Map Pack offer some great ways to get your business listed at the top of the local search results.

Monthly SEO Reporting

We provide our clients with tailored monthly reports so that you can quickly see the value that your SEO campaign is producing for your business.

Target Market Exclusivity

We only take on 1 client in each geographical target market. It is not ethical to have multiple clients in the same market and this means that you’ll have our undivided attention in your target market.

SEO Sunshine Coast Will Increase Your Website’s Conversions

Drive Targeted Traffic

Incease your Sunshine Coast website visitor traffic by targeting customers that are in the perfect part of the buying cycle using SEO and SEM.

Optimise Your Website To Convert

We’ll make sure that your website is ready to convert that new traffic. Using best practices to increase the conversion rate on your website generates more enquiries and sales.

Turn Website Traffic Into Revenue

When the traffic is converting you can watch your revenue grow. Our Sunshine Coast SEO service will put you in front of more customers so that your business grows.

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We do not perform digital marketing for gambling or adult services.

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