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The 1st Page of Google Search Results Are A Battleground

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Dominating the top of the 1st page of Google’s search results using SEO Rockhampton results in significantly more sales & enquiries.

Getting that qualified organic website traffic is important to the success of your business and if you’re not capturing that business you can be sure that your competition is.

SEO Rockhampton

Know your customer.
Know what they’re searching for.
Convert them into revenue.

That’s what we do.

Getting to the top of the search results requires both knowledge and persistence.  We have both in spades.

Imagine for a moment what an increase in leads or sales would mean to your business.  That’s what we’re offering.  Tried and tested methods for improving your rankings and converting that increased traffic into business.

We’re happy to back ourselves as the best SEO company Rockhampton, because we have proven systems in place to make sure that you’re making the most of your website’s possible search engine optimisation traffic opportunities.

We’re more than Rockhampton SEO Agency, we’re a partner for your internet marketing needs.

Rockhampton SEO

Your website's SEO requires an individual touch.

Not only does your business’ SEO Rockhampton deserve to be handled individually, but your competition can’t be dismissed.  The 1st page of Google search is a heavily contested space and applying a cookie cutter approach to your SEO marketing just isn’t good enough.  Every business on the front page is using a SEO company Rockhampton or a SEO consultant Rockhampton and the only question is how hard they are working to stay there.

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We Deliver Results

This a screenshot from a single query for one of our search engine marketing client’s.  In the 1st position in the Google search results you can expect between 16% and 26% click through rate.  Is your SEO Agency Rockhampton delivering these results?

SEO Campaign Results
SEO Rockhampton - SEO Agency Results

SEO Experts Rockhampton

SEO Rockhampton requires considerable experience and significant investment of time and money to become proficient.  Our SEO consultants have been delivering consistent results for decades and we understand the importance of well executed search engine optimisation Rockhampton

SEO Services Rockhampton

In-Depth Keyword Research

A quality Rockhampton SEO strategy ensures that your business’ target keywords are going to produce the highest return on your investment.

SEO Website Audit

Most website's are poorly optimised for their market. Our Rockhampton SEO specialists run a detailed audit & analysis of your existing website. Adjustments using SEO copy writing are often needed.

Target Traffic with Buying Intentions

Target keywords with buying intent and then the broader terms with greater traffic. Your website can be visible to the right customers at every part of their buying journey.

Traffic Analytics & Rank Tracking

The only way to measure the effect of your search engine optimisation Rockhampton is to have the statistics to guide your digital marketing decisions.

SEO Competitor Analysis

If your competitor has engaged a SEO consultant or SEO company Rockhampton and they're ranking above you, there's something to be learned from that.

No Lock-In SEO Contracts

We produce measurable results with our affordable SEO services Rockhampton. No pressure, just facts, and we won’t force you to stay with us.

Do you have questions?

Give us a call on 1300 668 879 or use the contact form and we’ll get back to you today.

SEO Rockhampton

Our SEO Strategy

Know Your Customer

There's many stages to a customer's purchasing journey. Dominating the search engines at every step of their decision to purchase ensures qualified traffic.

Market Analysis

Like any marketplace you need to know what your competitors are doing. Being the best offer among your competitors results in more sales. Those that are ranking above you may have insight to offer.

Website SEO Audit

Ensuring that your website SEO is free of technical errors indicates to Google that your website's fundamentals are clean. Setup the internal linking structure and optimise specific pages and supporting pages.

Website Conversion Optimisation

When a customer lands on your site, it should answer their questions and guide them into your sales funnel. Maximising conversions makes a measurable difference to real revenue.

Build Brand Authority

Google and other search engines want to know that your website has contextual authority on the subject matter. Building links and sending other signals about your website improves authority over time.

Monitor The Data

Quality data allows better decision making. Knowing where your traffic is coming from and how it's behaving gives insights that can used to improve user interactions and conversions.

SEO Rockhampton


What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation Rockhampton.  Plainly put, it’s the process of ensuring your website contains the correct contextual information in order to appear for your customers’ relevant searches.  It often involves changes to the website content and structure.  Additionally external contextual signals need to be sent to your website to demonstrate popularity on the subject. 

How long does SEO take to work?

I’ve personally worked on businesses that have achieved 1st position results in the space of 1 month.  That being said, cases like those are more the exception than the rule, but they are possible.   How quickly you climb the rankings is determined by the current state of your website, the existing competition and your budget.  Our SEO consulting service ensures that you get the most from our efforts as quickly as possible.

How much does SEO cost?

The question of SEO pricing requires a conversation. Every business’ needs are different and every market is different.  If you’re contemplating allocating budget to a SEO agency, ensure that they understand your needs and your market.  Our SEO management services are tailored to your needs and designed to increase revenue. 

Do you have SEO services packages?

We don’t have specific packages because every industry & vertical needs to be evaluated specifically.  Our SEO services list and our capabilities are deep.  SEO services pricing should be relative to the difficulty of achieving quality results.  There’s no point buying cheap SEO services Rockhampton if your website is going to languish on the 2nd page.  You’ll need to allocate a monthly affordable SEO budget for a minimum of 6 months.

Is there a difference between Ecommerce SEO, small business SEO and local SEO services?

Yes there is. Small business SEO services are not necessarily limited to a geographic area where as a local SEO relates more to searches for services within a geographic region.  Local SEO service involves the Google My business local map pack and organic search results.  Ecommerce SEO requires another approach again.  Each type requires a different SEO strategy.

Would you consider yourselves an affordable SEO agency?

We know that our pricing makes us an affordable SEO company Rockhampton.  We have dependable systems that make our affordable SEO service deliver outstanding results and great value.   We do emphasise that search engine optimisation Rockhampton is only one facet of the well rounded digital marketing strategy. We’re an internet marketing company and we know that quality traffic equals revenue.  

Will you require access to my website for search engine optimisation Rockhampton?

Yes definitely.  In order to make changes to website content, the web development and SEO service Rockhampton will need access.  Great web design Rockhampton and user experience is also an additional weapon in SEO optimisation. The time a user spends on your site interacting and conversion signals we send to Google all help to give your website’s Rockhampton SEO a boost in rankings.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Your SEO Strategy should compliment your other internet marketing.

Referral Traffic

Utilising the search traffic of complimentary sites that already rank well is a great way to piggyback off the SEO and search engine optimisation Rockhampton success of others.

Organic SEO Traffic

Acquiring as much qualified website traffic as possible leads to more revenue and that allows your business to continually increase it’s market share.

Organic Social Traffic

With the major social platforms capturing so much of your customer’s attention, it makes sense to siphon some of that traffic to your own website.

Paid Traffic Sources

Paying for your traffic should not be ignored.  It’s all about the return on investment.  If your cost of acquisition returns a profit over the lifetime value of your customer, it should not be ignored.

SEO Rockhampton

Book Your Complimentary SEO Strategy Session Today

Here at Code Connect you’ll get a realistic assessment of what’s needed to improve your rankings in Google and the other search engines.  We provide SEO services Rockhampton that deliver long term growth for your business and increased visibility when your customers are searching.

We value your time and ours so please understand that you’ll need a realistic SEO budget and a realistic time frame in order to achieve sustainable results.

SEO Rockhampton

Client SEO Testimonials

We have a few key products that are highly competitive. There were no overblown promises and although it wasn't cheap, the results speak for themselves. Sales after the SEO campaign increased at least 3 fold and now we're expanding to a bigger warehouse.
Janka Weige
Ecommerce SEO Client
Code Connect have done our digital marketing for years. We had so much work that we scaled things back. We're happy at these levels, which for our practice means we're booked out more than a month in advance. I don't think you'll find a better SEO consultant than Brett.
Gail Baker
Local Business SEO
Our online marketplace needed both providers and customers. Since we've started using Code Connect's SEO service we've gone from a minimum viable product to attracting significant venture capital funding. Great personalised service.
Michael Ward
National SEO Client

What would a significant increase in revenue mean to your business?

We’ve seen it countless times.  Great businesses just holding on because they don’t have any traction in the search engines filling their sales funnels.  But as the enquiries and sales begin to roll in, they realise the value that a quality SEO service Rockhampton  provides.  More than that, a great SEO firm will find ways to improve upon excellent results and increase your visibility.  Build your brand’s credibility and establish your business as the market leader.

SEO Company
SEO Agency Rockhampton

SEO Rockhampton

The Benefits of SEO

Increase Business Exposure

Be there at every step of your customers purchasing journey.  The best SEO company Rockhampton will get you in front of your customers when they 1st start searching and also when they’ve decided to buy.

Increase Your Revenue

Every one of our customers that holds the 1st position in Google search understands it’s value.  The additional revenue correlates perfectly with increased search engine marketing.

Acquire New Customers

Using a SEO specialist Rockhampton to improve your visibility in Google and the other search engines leads inevitably to a much larger customer base.  Grow your client list and keep them coming back.

SEO Rockhampton

Why choose Code Connect as your SEO Consultant?

Our SEO specialists Rockhampton have a dedicated team of web developers and SEO experts Rockhampton to ensure that your website’s SEO gets the attention to detail that it deserves.

We have every skill set required to make your website SEO a success and your business’ SEO needs are examined individually while your SEO consultant Rockhampton lays out a path to achieve the rankings you want.

Leading SEO Company Rockhampton

Achieving excellent rankings in the search engines is only 1 part of the the overall picture.  Ensuring that your traffic actually converts is just as important.  Conversion rate optimisation is an integral pat of all search engine marketing.

Proven Rockhampton SEO Strategies

We’ve developed dependable systems over 2 decades that we use for ourselves and our customers.  

Educated SEO Experts Rockhampton

Our SEO consultants have access to the largest SEO mastermind groups on the planet.  We’re always at the cutting edge of the latest SEO knowledge.

Affordable SEO Rockhampton Pricing

We’re fair with our SEO costs and we want your business to achieve amazing results within your budget.

SEO Rockhampton

White Hat SEO

Essentially white hat SEO is a description of using only SEO strategies that conform completely to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.  These recommendations are part of the advice that Google gives web developers Rockhampton to ensure that they aren’t using deceptive tactics to help your website’s internet marketing.

Black Hat SEO

SEO consultanst have been manipulating the search engine results since they realised they could have an influence on their rankings.  There are a many, many black hat SEO strategies that are used to improve rankings quickly, but generally they’re used for churn and burn projects, not long term sustainable business growth.

On Site Rockhampton SEO Optimisation

The first step in the process of improving your rankings is to ensure that your website is optimised for the searches your customers are using.

  • How is the user engagement on your website?
  • Are your headings really targeting your right keywords?
  • Are your URLs targeted at your keywords?
  • Are your page titles and images named correctly?
  • Is your site structure working for you?
  • Is your site loading quickly?
  • Have you ensured any needed 301 redirects are in place?

Off Site Contextual SEO Signals

Making sure that you’ve got the right kind of contextual signals being recognised in order to help your rankings and not harm them.

  • What’s the quality of your inbound link profile?
  • Do you have consistent information about your business across the web?
  • Does Google & the other search engines consider your website authoritative?
  • If you search for your brand name does it fill the 1st page?