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At Least Install your Facebook Pixel

I’ve written this post for people whose first question is, ‘What is a Facebook Pixel?’.

Facebook gives you a way to track the people who’ve been to your website and then allows you to target them when they’re on Facebook.  You might not be interested in Facebook Ads yet, but there’s a high probability that you will be when you realise the return on investment that it can achieve.

I’m not saying start advertising on Facebook today, I’m saying that it’s a good idea to collect the data so that when you’re ready to start advertising you dont have to start from nothing.  Why is this important?

It costs you less. That’s why.

Facebook Ads work using an auction system.  So the less people that are bidding for the same audience as you are means that you’ll have less competition to drive up the costs of your Facebook Ads.  This is where your Facebook Pixel comes in.

The pixel is simply a small segment of code that is added to your website which tells facebook who’s on your website and information about their behaviour.  It allows me as a web developer to target user actions that are specific to my clients’ conversion needs.

If we expand on this idea, you can target people that came to your website and didn’t convert by specifying some user behaviours in your Facebook audience targeting.  As your Facebook Ads campaign progresses Facebook learns more about the type of user that converts and tries to bring you more of them.

But like I said, you can’t do any of this without the data that the Facebook Pixel provides.  That’s why I think it’s important to get the Pixel on the website so that you’re giving your business a head start by giving the platform a chance to learn about your users.