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SEO Sunshine Coast

Today most people find what they are looking for by searching Google.

These searches are highly specific enquiries from customers looking for answers. Every search that your website converts to an enquiry is a pre-qualified potential customer.

What would it mean to your business if your website generated new customers every week?

Implementing strategies to improve the SEO, search ranking & conversions for your Sunshine Coast business' website is the 1st step in a cost effective internet marketing strategy that works.

What to expect in our 1st consultation:

  • An informal discussion about your ideas and target markets.
  • Analysis of your current website content for search engine optimisation and click conversion.
  • Examination of your competition to determine how competitive the market is.
  • Honest recommendations to achieve page 1 search rankings.

You found us on the 1st page!
We can do the same for your business.

Approximately 90% of search queries only look at the the 1st page Approx. 90% only look at the the 1st page

It's a well documented fact that the majority of users who search using Google and the other search engines will not click past the first page of results.

This simply means that if your business' website does not rank on the 1st page of Google's search results then, you are missing out on the most significant source of pre-qualified leads available.

# Your website should be an enquiry machine #

Step 1

A customer searches and finds Your Website on Page #1.

Step 2

The customer clicks on your very inviting search result.

Step 3

Your optimised website converts the click into an enquiry.

# Our SEO service is about generating more business via your website #

SEO Packages to Get Your Website Generating More Enquiries

Business Starter

Low-Medium Competition Market

$495 / Month inc. GST.
No Contracts

This SEO package is designed for the local business that needs to generate more enquiries from their website.

Business Advanced

High Competition Market

$995 / Month inc. GST.
No Contracts

This SEO package is perfect for generating more website enquiries in markets that are highly competitive.


High Competition Market

$1895 / Month inc. GST.
No Contracts

For high end SEO campaigns that need to have a broad reach & large numbers of targeted keywords and phrases.

Code Connect has consistently kept our website at the top of Google's search results for many consecutive years.

Our 1st page position in all the major search engine results has generated countless new & repeat customers without regular advertising costs.

We can thorougly recommend Code Connect for SEO Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Psychology Services

We can confidently improve your search engine ranking by employing techniques that hold their value over the long term. In a relatively tight market such as SEO Sunshine Coast now is the perfect time to improve your website's visibility & generate more genuine enquiries for your business.

All SEO Packages include the following services

Existing Website Content Analysis

A detailed analysis of your existing website relevant to your SEO target market. We have the knowledge and the technical skills to turn your website into an enquiry generating machine. We will get visitors to the site and then convert them to genuine enquiries with highly optimised on-site content.

In-depth Keyword & Search Volume Research

Making sure that your business targets keywords and long tail keywords (phrases) that are going to produce the highest return on your investment. There is no point in ranking well for keywords that don't generate any traffic.

Comprehensive Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competition is actively doing will always provide insight. This does not mean that what your competitors are doing should always be replicated, simply that the information gathered here is beneficial for a successful SEO strategy.

Analytics for Visitor Statistics

The only way to measure the effect of your internet marketing and search engine optimisation is have the statistics to guide the process. You will be able to see the actual search queries used, visitor numbers, click through ratios and converions. Your website's statistics will give you up to date and accurate reading on exactly what the SEO strategy is doing for your business.

Organic Backlink Acquisition

We build backlinks to your website from authority sites that are not going to have a negative impact when Google decides to update it's search and ranking algorithms. This means not using automated tools to shoot out thousands of low quality spam backlinks to your website.

Search Engine Submission

Informing the search engines of the your fantastic new content will get them indexing the site quicker and improve your search rankings.

Google+ Local Listing

Being found locally is what most Sunshine Coast businesses need. Google+ Local offers some great ways to get your business listed at the top of the local search listings.

Monthly Reporting

We provide our clients with written monthly reports so that you can quickly see the value that your SEO campaign is producing for your business.

Target Market Exclusivity

We only take on 1 client in each target market. It is not ethical to have multiple clients in the same market and this means that you will have our undivided attention in your target market.

SEO Sunshine Coast - Search Engine Optimisation - Google Search Ranking SEO Sunshine Coast - Search Engine Optimisation - Google Search Ranking

Your business will generate valuable enquiries purely because your website can be found on the first page of Google's search results. It's highly probable that your competitors will be employing SEO strategies and if they're not this is the perfect opportunity to get ahead and stay there. Get on the 1st page, exactly where your customers are searching and implement effective SEO strategies for your Sunshine Coast business that will produce sustainable & measureable results.

Number of Search Queries for Accomodation on the Sunshine Coast Number of Search Queries for Accomodation on the Sunshine Coast Number of Search Queries for Accomodation on the Sunshine Coast Number of Search Queries for Accomodation on the Sunshine Coast Number of Search Queries for Accomodation on the Sunshine Coast Number of Search Queries for Accomodation on the Sunshine Coast

These are actual monthly search query numbers for businesses on the Sunshine Coast.


Every one of these searches is looking for a business that can help them fulfill their need.


A targeted SEO campaign can drive this traffic to your website where these enquiries can then be converted into customers..

Contact us for an obligation free discussion about getting more enquiries through your website.

Strategies to get your website to rank on Google's 1st page

There are some key areas that need to be targeted in order to bring your website up in the search rankings. Some of these search engine optimisation techniques are very simple yet very time consuming and others require somewhat more intricacy.

On-Site SEO

This includes all search engine optimistation techniques that are conducted on your website.

  • You must have relevant content. This cannot be stressed enough. Content is king.

  • Get the website URL's in line with targeted search terms.

  • Page titles that are relevant to what your customers are searching for.

  • Navigation that targets your desired search terms.

  • Correct use of headings.

  • Making sure the 'alt' attribute of all images is filled out.

  • High Quality HTML code. The search engine needs to be able to read the website correctly and poor quality code can make it more difficult for your website to parsed by the search engine's crawling robots.

  • No duplicate content. The search engines are looking for content that they can neatly categorise in order to serve up the most relevant web page.

Off-Site SEO

This includes all SEO techniques that are conducted off of your website.

  • Relevant & high quality backlinks to your website to increase authority.

  • Social media now provides another opportunity to engage your customers without significant outlay.

  • Get your business listed in Google+ Local.

Is being on the 1st page of Google's search results enough?

The answer here is clearly NO. Once your customer has clicked on your website at the top of the search results, you need to engage them. This is where search engine optimisation becomes a fine balance between impressing a program (Google's or any other major search engine's robot) and impressing your customer with exactly the information they require to make contact.

Google's Search Engine Updates (Hummingbird)

Google recently rolled out a major update to it's search engine algorithm aptly named "Hummingbird" and the effect has produced significant changes to the search engine ranking of many Sunshine Coast business' websites.

Google is aware that users are making more search queries from their smartphones & tablets using both voice and text input. This means that not only it is mandatory that your website is optimised for mobile & tablet small format displays but Google are now aiming for a conversational search with their users.

Our client's search engine rankings have seen improvement with google's updated search algorithm. There are many, many factors that affect the ranking of your business' website in the search results.

# Beware & Avoid Blackhat Techniques #

There are many techniques that influence the way Google, Bing & the other major search engines view your website. Some providers of SEO services and their clients have experienced a drop in their website's ranking due to what is known in the industry as "Black Hat SEO".

When Google, Bing & the other major search engines discover these underhanded techniques being used to artificially make a website seem more important & relevant, the result is that the website will be penalised by the search engine and moved further down the list of search results.